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no.1, day 3 and day 43

no.4, day 3 and day 43



She started kissing a petri dish as her routine in June 2017. In the shelter at 15 to 35 degrees Celsius, the bacteria attached to her lips quickly grew on the culture medium and became the only visible creature except herself in her living space until she makes some new friends.

On the first day of 2018, she gave several her kiss in the petri dish of this to her friends as new year gifts. Instead of providing any preservation measures, she advised them to let the bacteria and the impurities (such as mildew or other unpredictable bacteria) consume the nutrients. Her kiss soon wrinkled and faded. For at least two weeks, people placed the artist's kiss somewhere, observing it from time to time, and realising that it implies the meaning of “disease” or “dirtiness”. The Kiss, result in being eventually discarded or lost is still an acceptable treatment for her – the transformation closest to her identity: “Love as a force contributory to disease”*.

* The magic mountain, THOMAS MANN


之一, 第三天与第43天

之四, 第三天与第43天






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